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What is Sexik?

Sexik has a holy mission to enlighten people in Estonia about sexual breakthroughs and new sexual technology achievements. However overall Sexik is a sex shop selling quality brand goods in Estonia :)

What are you reading about?

In this article we would like to mention one of Lelo’s premium goods which can be found in sex and erotic shops worldwide. This is a true technology breakthrough!

Can you imagine that now you can connect to a vagina via bluetooth device? Yes, yes! This is now possible. Unbelievable indeed.

What is the technology about?

From now on In 21th century you can establish a connection with your partner on a distance, you can easily do it by buying LELO 2 in an erotic store. Buying Lelo 2 you are investing your money in an Item which will provide you and your partner a controllable delight.

This is how it works. Basically you put the device in female on one end and you have a controller on the other. Lelo 2 has SenseMotion technology with 8 different stimulations modes available, which allows you to control the intensity of the device vibrations.

How do you control LYLA 2?

Secondly You get a 3-button controller that lets you easily manipulate and switch between SenseMotion and traditional intensity control by simply pressing and playing around with the main button. So you will have the option to experiment.

Why is LYLA 2 so special?

Simply genius. You can control your ladies kitty with an amazing long range using the LYLA 2s SenseMotion remote control during sexual intercourse. You can increase the vibe or decrease it. Basically you know what do to do 😉

Why is LYLA 2 even more special?

Just because it has also button! Yes, yes, additional controls to trigger your partners feelings. So the speed is adjustable in many different varieties and ways. Maximum control of pleasure is what LYLA helps you to achieve.

Anything else? Yes!

Yes. Not only Lyla 2 gives you control of your partner’s internal feelings, but you can use try it externally. Try it 😉

This and many other Lelo premium products you can buy on http://www.sexik.ee , new Estonia’s erotic sex shop.