A guide to having Fantastic Orgasms!

Yes, all of us love to play with ourselves, especially when the man of the house is away from us. However, have you thought about using toys to heighten your pleasures? Well, you do have the glass dildos now, to take care of that itch, and also make sure that you receive mind-blowing pleasure in the process. So, if you are still uncertain about trying out a dildo, here’s some ways to help you use that little toy for the perfect pleasure!

Use lubricants

While you are planning to use massive dildos to pleasure yourself, you need to first prepare yourself. Well, since you don’t have precum to help you in this matter, you can definitely use a lubricant! Remember that baby oil in your house? Yes, that works as a natural lubricant also. Otherwise, don’t worry, your fingers will really feel good in that little snatch of yours. Play with yourself, and don’t stop until you see the stars, and then, when you want that sweet ride to the heaven, you can very easily use the glass dildo to help you.

Start Slow

Of course when you are using the glass dildo don’t get too high and try inserting it too fast! You sure don’t want to tear yourself apart, and soon you will find yourself in pain rather than in the realms of pleasure.

Add stimulation

Generally you may come from clitoral stimulation alone, however, sometimes, you do need something to fill your little snatch up, and that is why the glass dildos will be a perfect choice. However, do remember to add something good to it. For example, you can play with your nipples, and your clit alternatively, (because you will need your hand also for the glass dildo).

Thus, knowing the benefits of a glass dildo, you can sure allow your man to go on long tours and enjoy yourself. ☺