All you need to know about condoms.

Some Amazing Facts about Condoms:

In the whole world, only five percent gents wear condoms – The number of people who don’t use condoms can vary for the different countries but in average approximate 5 % men wear condom across the world.

Condoms come in different verities – Generally condoms are made of the latex. Some are made by polyurethane. Some people have allergy with these materials that is why they can made by using lambskin also, actually which are made by the intestine of the lamb.

Still there is no any modification in the condoms from their starting design – First latex condom was made in 1920, since then the shape and design of the condom is unchanged.

There is no any effect in the sex quality due to the condom – According to some surveys, most of the couples say that they don’t feel any degradation in their sex pleasure due to the use of condom. Condoms make sex safer and avoid unwanted pregnancies.

Aged people use condom lesser than the young ones – Here we are giving some percentage uses data about condoms – percentage of couples who use condoms is 25%, – percentage of singles who use condoms is 33% and percentage of people over 40 who uses condoms are 40%.

40 percent condoms are purchased by women – Although condoms are used by penises, women purchase 40 % condoms of the total sale.

Part of high school students who is taught about the use of condoms, is only one third – This is so unfortunate that due to just an awkward feelin, most of the teens are not taught about proper use of condom.

Founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, wants to make a high quality condom – $100,000 grants have been given by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, to make a better quality condom.