Another bunch of amazing sex facts.

5. Lesbians get more satisfying orgasm – In comparing of straight ladies, Lesbians feel more powerful orgasm during the sex. According to a study of relationships, homosexual ladies have maximum climax time, after those heterosexual have lesser than the homosexual, and bisexual ladies have minimum climax time during the whole sex time.

6. Semen is low in calories – Calorie counting is very low in human semen. There are only 36 calories in one teaspoon of semen. I think every lady can understand the use of this fact, if she is concerned about your weight and fitness.

7. After taking physical exercise, you can enjoy much better – As we know, physical exercise boosts up our blood flow in the body. If blood flow increases in the whole body, it will increase in the genital area as well. To make a healthy relation male has a proper blood supply in the penis, this thing happens implicitly after taking gym or doing any physical exercise. Next time will go in front of her with more confidence after doing some sets of pushups.

8. Some people can enjoy repetitive orgasm – Orgasm is more than enough in its natural condition, but some people enjoy orgasm again and again in the same intercourse, with the help of workouts. You also can enjoy your repetitive orgasm using this fact. Do you want to check this one?

9. Name of States, searching for sexual material more than others – Here we are giving you name of some states, from where most searches come about sexual data and activities on the internet. Wyoming, Alaska, Vermont, West Virginia and Oregon.

10. Nearly 31 percent male has faked orgasm – About 31 percent man are going with fake orgasm even after getting a fully satisfactory orgasm, this fact is given according to a survey from Time Out New York.