Loving your submissive in the correct way

Loving your submissive in the correct way

Have you ever had a submissive? Well, leave that, first of all, do you know about BDSM? If you do, and practice that lifestyle, then you are either a dominant or a submissive. Well, folks, this is for the dominant males and females out there. How do you behave with your submissive in a scene? Do you know how to cater to his/her needs? If you do, then you are the best dominant in the world, however, it doesn’t hurt to check out a few ideas, does?

Talk While In a Scene

When you are in a scene and you are punishing or pleasuring your slave for some misdemeanor or as a reward, speak to him/her. As with any relationship, communication is the key in BDSM, and hence you need to be careful about the communication while in a scene.

Give Gifts

Gifting your man or woman is good, even without any occasion. However, when we are speaking about gifts and BDSM, there needs to be certain kinkiness about it, isn’t it? Well, if you have a submissive as a woman, you can gift her anklet and say that she is supposed to wear it every day for a week. So, think about something interesting and kinky and work it out with your partner. As collars are a special symbol in BDSM, you can definitely give your submissive a collar as a gift.


This is one more aspect of BDSM, which brings in the thrill of relationships. So, what you can do is convince your submissive woman to flash herself in public place. However, make sure that no curious person is in that location. If you want, you can also make her kneel by your side, but do that only when no one is watching.

Thus, knowing these exciting ides, you can try them out on your submissive, and enjoy the thrill it brings!