Sex facts continue to shock public.

11. Love makes sex better – According to American Sociological Association, sex will be in its best phase if both partners are in love.

12. Condoms never decrease your pleasure – A study says male and female both enjoy a same intensity during the sex when they use a good quality condom.

13.One night stand mostly happens in the travelling – According to a report 52 percent men and 41 percent women enjoy their one night stand when they travel somewhere.

14. Most Lovers go for the marriage after hooking up – According to a report from the National Marriage Project, most of the couples hooked up before marriage.

15. Existence of Nipple Orgasm – During the intercourse, male should rub and tilt the nipples of female. Because of this practice, Oxitocine released in female. It causes uterine and vaginal contractions. By these contractions female feels a high quality orgasm and every man wants to give a breath taking orgasm to his female partner.

16. Sex is helpful to regulate the cycles in female – If any woman is in trouble of irregular monthly cycles, that means she is not doing sex regularly.(One common reason, there may be many others, consult with your doctor once) Research at Stanford and Columbia Universities shows, woman who does sex, once in a week, has more regular cycles.

17. Want to feel less pain during sex – You should use some tricks in your bedroom with your partner to give her more pleasure with less pain during sex. These tricks are spanking, hair pulling and love bytes. According to a study published in Journal of sex Research.

18. 20 percent people use smart phones during sex – Adults from 18 to 34 years old use their smart phones during an intercourse to watch some porn. According to a survey by Harris Interactive for Jumio,