Sex what can be better and more interesting?

16. Use of the vibrator, make a woman more sexual functional than others who are not using this instrument.

17. Furthermore, studies say, females who use adult toys, are more conscious about their genital health.

18. In the Live Science study, which was conducted in 2011, 90% people give positive feedback for the sex toys and adult toys, whereas only 10% gave their negative response.

19. As per that same study, 37% of ladies accepted men felt threatened by the ladies’ vibrator use, however 70% of men really were thoroughly fun with sex toys.

20. Most of the sex toy purchaser uses these for the orgasm of the clitoris.

21 Sale of the sex toys increase around the Valentine’s Day, in the February.

22. During the recent recession, the sex toy market was on the boom, reason behind this may be that sex decreases the tension and stress.

23. West Virginia, Idaho, Dakota are top three sex toy purchaser nation.

24. Vibrators, dildos and lube are the most common purchased thing at the shop of sex toy, their percentage is 19.2%, 16% and 14% respectively.

25. Copies of  famous blue filmstars like Ron Jeremy and James Deen, in the form of dildos, are available in the sex toys shop.

26. A famous company named Bad Dragon, produces dragon liked dildos, fleshlights and many more toys.

27 A platinum vibrator embedded with 117 real diamonds, is the most expensive vibrator in the word, its price is $55,000

28. After the popularity of 50 Shades of Grey, sales of sex toys allegedly expanded by 50%.

29. In Japan vibrators were banned, that is why manufacturers of japan took another root and made a Rabbit Vibrator, which looked like a rabbit.

30.In O, The Oprah Magazine ,Oprah dubbed the Rabbit Habit as the  “Rolls Royce of sex toys”