Some Facts, you should know about the Sex Toys:

1. The most ancient reported dildo is 30,000 years of age and was uncovered in a cave of German.

2. Furthermore, in the past since 400 B.C  there was an instrument in Greek community olisbokollikes (“dildo breadsticks”).

3. France is the country which invented the first ever vibrator, the Tremoussoir, in 1734.

4. Furthermore, Dr. Joseph Mortimer Granville, invented the first electric vibrator to give some relax from muscle fatigue.

5. That electric vibrator had forty pounds weight and there were 2 people required to operate except the person who was getting a massage.

6. In the beginning vibrators were used by doctors and medical people, in the treatment of Hysteria in females. 

7. When vibrators were not invented, doctors used another technique in treatment of Hysteria, they used vegetable oil and gave massages by their hand until climax.

8. In 1902 Hamilton Beach, patented the first electric vibrator. After tea kettle, toaster, fan and sewing machine, that was the first instrument which was electrified.

9. In the advertisements vibrators are shown as the personal massager.

10. In 1920s vibrators had come in porn movies, due to this reason their advertisements had been banned.

11. In 1999, sex toys were banned in shops and markets, because in the view of Assistant Attorney General, “Human has no any basic right to purchase an instrument to generate orgasm.”

12. In India sex toys are banned. Because in Indian culture, sex is not for the pleasure, it is for the reproduction and here artificial sex is an offense according to the ancient ethics.

13. According to Texas law, it is an offense to keep more than 6 Dildos.

14. According to a survey, 52.5% women have used a vibrator once in their life.

15. Furthermore, there is one US woman in three, used a vibrator