What else can we say about sex?

19. Sex works as your regular exercise – Usually we heard, during the sex body does exercise also.  According to Researchers of Canada, during the sex, body feels 2/3rd intensity that of workout. So regular sex, keeps you fit and energetic.

20. For many people coffee is more preferable than sex – Studies say, so many people can live more days without sex in compare of coffee.

21. Citizen from New Mexico have the longest time of intercourse – If we talk about the stamina during sex then couples from New Mexico come on the first place. Some other states which have people with high stamina are New Mexico, Idaho, Missouri, South Carolina, and West Virginia.

22. Do you want sex dreams, sleep in a right position – Your sleeping position invite sex dreams. People who sleep, with facing their stomach downwards, has more sexual dreams.

23. Socks may be helpful in your orgasm – Sometimes females facing problem of their cold feet during sex and find themselves in trouble to reach orgasms. Socks play an important role here to keep warm their soft feet, it is stated in the Dutch Study that socks can increase the intensity of orgasm for females.

24. Sex may give relief from your headache – Sex is so helpful for the people who are suffering from the migraine and there is no any side effect of sex like painkiller has. So next time if you feel some headache you can go for an intercourse instead of taking any painkiller pill.

25. Apple is helpful to enhance your sex life – If you can eat a fruit daily, it would be beneficial for your sex power. Apple is the best in this criterion because it is available easily and good in taste also.

26. An Healthy Orgasm increase your understanding and communication – Research says, there is much better communication and understanding between couples after reaching a good orgasm.