You Have To Know About These Sex Facts to use in your Life

“No one is perfect, practice can make man perfect”, here we are adding something different in this line, “A wrong practice can make you imperfect.” Trying to explain, you just need to know a right way to do any particular activity, otherwise it may be dangerous for you.  Everybody including you, think he is a master in sex but after reading this post you will find what were you doing till right now? Here you find several Sex Facts which you have to know necessarily.

Stress is reduced by Sex – Some time people avoiding sex because of tension and mental stress. You should know if you will take an intercourse, when you are in stress, your stress and tension will run away from your mind. So next time go to your spouse and ask for the sex, after getting a rap on the knuckles from your boss.

During your sickness, Sex works as a medicine – Sex is so helpful to make your immune system stronger, as studies show. Next time if you feel unhealthy then take a tight sleep after a light and orthodox sex.

Lubricant is helpful in a perfect Orgasm – Without a satisfactory orgasm, an intercourse activity is a waste of time. For getting a pure breath taking perfect Orgasm, one should use lubricant during the sex. About 50% people accept that lubricants make their Orgasm, perfect, according to a study of  Indiana University’s Centre for Sexual Health Promotion.

Coconut oil is the best lubricant – There are plenty of lubricants in the market and lots of advertisements are shown about the sex lubricants. But you surprised to know that coconut oil is most effective and natural lubricant during the intercourse. Everyone should try it once.