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Wanachi Maxi Massager Vibrator Pink is a unique vibrator, can be used as massager also. There is no any wire or cord to disturb your pleasure; this is a chord less, wireless vibrator. It will give you extreme satisfaction and pleasure, with its high power vibrations. It can be operated in any body position because […]


Do you want to double your sensations; you should switch to Mahana Duo Vibe Vibrator Black. Its specialty is its two arms. Both arms are made to give you double sexual pleasure. During the use of this vibrator its one arm stays in your vagina and other on the clitoris. Inner arm gives stimulation in […]


Do you want to enjoy breathtaking vibrations; you just need to use this Wanachi Mini Muti 9 Vibrator. This vibrator uses a Japanese motor, as the credibility of Japanese product, this motor is also very good in quality. Wanachi Mini Muti 9 Vibrator is so useful to give some relaxation from fatigue. It generates very […]


Do you want a unique vibrator which can fit in your purse or in a handy bag?   For this kind of vibrator you should choose this Flora India Vibrator Red. It is so good looking and seems like a yummy lollipop. Its color is so glittering, which will be always inducing to take it […]

You want to know these facts about Dildos:

Every lady needs something to play in her loneliness. Dildo can be the best friend ever in her quite moments. They come in every shape and size, you can choose according to your need. Here we are giving some interesting facts about Dildo. Texas not allowed, owning more than five Dildos – in the law […]

Basics of BDSM for New Dominants

Basics of BDSM for New Dominants If you have stepped out of your vanilla relationship and are trying to add spice to your life, then BDSM will definitely be a cool option. When you are trying a BDSM relationship, you know that you will either be a dominant or a submissive. Although it seems that […]

Loving your submissive in the correct way

Loving your submissive in the correct way Have you ever had a submissive? Well, leave that, first of all, do you know about BDSM? If you do, and practice that lifestyle, then you are either a dominant or a submissive. Well, folks, this is for the dominant males and females out there. How do you […]

Kinky ideas to spice up your sex life

Kinky Ideas To Spice Up your Life Admit it, occasionally, we all love the aggressive male of the house. The one who goes all caveman on us with their basic male instinct and makes us feel like we are really in heaven. So, if you seriously want to bring out your man, and try something […]

BDSM Myths Busted

BDSM Myths Busted While we all have been thinking of a way to spice up our sex life, we might have thought of BDSM once in a while! Additionally, with the release of more and more erotic novella in the unchartered territory, you might have become curious about BDSM and the lifestyle. Thus, myths have […]

A guide to having Fantastic Orgasms!

Yes, all of us love to play with ourselves, especially when the man of the house is away from us. However, have you thought about using toys to heighten your pleasures? Well, you do have the glass dildos now, to take care of that itch, and also make sure that you receive mind-blowing pleasure in […]

Sex what can be better and more interesting?

16. Use of the vibrator, make a woman more sexual functional than others who are not using this instrument. 17. Furthermore, studies say, females who use adult toys, are more conscious about their genital health. 18. In the Live Science study, which was conducted in 2011, 90% people give positive feedback for the sex toys […]

Some Facts, you should know about the Sex Toys:

1. The most ancient reported dildo is 30,000 years of age and was uncovered in a cave of German. 2. Furthermore, in the past since 400 B.C  there was an instrument in Greek community olisbokollikes (“dildo breadsticks”). 3. France is the country which invented the first ever vibrator, the Tremoussoir, in 1734. 4. Furthermore, Dr. […]

Most Amazing Facts about Vibrators and their Users:

Most Amazing Facts about Vibrators and their Users: Some studies show, vibrators are so helpful to make better and healthy physical relationship. According to a survey, fifty percent adult generation in U.S. uses vibrators. By using these vibrators user can enhance her sexual pleasure and feel stronger orgasm. Vibrators are useful some shy couples to […]

All you need to know about condoms.

Some Amazing Facts about Condoms: In the whole world, only five percent gents wear condoms – The number of people who don’t use condoms can vary for the different countries but in average approximate 5 % men wear condom across the world. Condoms come in different verities – Generally condoms are made of the latex. […]

What else can we say about sex?

19. Sex works as your regular exercise – Usually we heard, during the sex body does exercise also.  According to Researchers of Canada, during the sex, body feels 2/3rd intensity that of workout. So regular sex, keeps you fit and energetic. 20. For many people coffee is more preferable than sex – Studies say, so […]