What else can we say about sex?

19. Sex works as your regular exercise – Usually we heard, during the sex body does exercise also.  According to Researchers of Canada, during the sex, body feels 2/3rd intensity that of workout. So regular sex, keeps you fit and energetic.

20. For many people coffee is more preferable than sex – Studies say, so many people can live more days without sex in compare of coffee.

21. Citizen from New Mexico have the longest time of intercourse – If we talk about the stamina during sex then couples from New Mexico come on the first place. Some other states which have people with high stamina are New Mexico, Idaho, Missouri, South Carolina, and West Virginia.

22. Do you want sex dreams, sleep in a right position – Your sleeping position invite sex dreams. People who sleep, with facing their stomach downwards, has more sexual dreams.

23. Socks may be helpful in your orgasm – Sometimes females facing problem of their cold feet during sex and find themselves in trouble to reach orgasms. Socks play an important role here to keep warm their soft feet, it is stated in the Dutch Study that socks can increase the intensity of orgasm for females.

24. Sex may give relief from your headache – Sex is so helpful for the people who are suffering from the migraine and there is no any side effect of sex like painkiller has. So next time if you feel some headache you can go for an intercourse instead of taking any painkiller pill.

25. Apple is helpful to enhance your sex life – If you can eat a fruit daily, it would be beneficial for your sex power. Apple is the best in this criterion because it is available easily and good in taste also.

26. An Healthy Orgasm increase your understanding and communication – Research says, there is much better communication and understanding between couples after reaching a good orgasm.

Sex facts continue to shock public.

11. Love makes sex better – According to American Sociological Association, sex will be in its best phase if both partners are in love.

12. Condoms never decrease your pleasure – A study says male and female both enjoy a same intensity during the sex when they use a good quality condom.

13.One night stand mostly happens in the travelling – According to a report 52 percent men and 41 percent women enjoy their one night stand when they travel somewhere.

14. Most Lovers go for the marriage after hooking up – According to a report from the National Marriage Project, most of the couples hooked up before marriage.

15. Existence of Nipple Orgasm – During the intercourse, male should rub and tilt the nipples of female. Because of this practice, Oxitocine released in female. It causes uterine and vaginal contractions. By these contractions female feels a high quality orgasm and every man wants to give a breath taking orgasm to his female partner.

16. Sex is helpful to regulate the cycles in female – If any woman is in trouble of irregular monthly cycles, that means she is not doing sex regularly.(One common reason, there may be many others, consult with your doctor once) Research at Stanford and Columbia Universities shows, woman who does sex, once in a week, has more regular cycles.

17. Want to feel less pain during sex – You should use some tricks in your bedroom with your partner to give her more pleasure with less pain during sex. These tricks are spanking, hair pulling and love bytes. According to a study published in Journal of sex Research.

18. 20 percent people use smart phones during sex – Adults from 18 to 34 years old use their smart phones during an intercourse to watch some porn. According to a survey by Harris Interactive for Jumio, http://sportnutrition.ee

Another bunch of amazing sex facts.

5. Lesbians get more satisfying orgasm – In comparing of straight ladies, Lesbians feel more powerful orgasm during the sex. According to a study of relationships, homosexual ladies have maximum climax time, after those heterosexual have lesser than the homosexual, and bisexual ladies have minimum climax time during the whole sex time.

6. Semen is low in calories – Calorie counting is very low in human semen. There are only 36 calories in one teaspoon of semen. I think every lady can understand the use of this fact, if she is concerned about your weight and fitness.

7. After taking physical exercise, you can enjoy much better – As we know, physical exercise boosts up our blood flow in the body. If blood flow increases in the whole body, it will increase in the genital area as well. To make a healthy relation male has a proper blood supply in the penis, this thing happens implicitly after taking gym or doing any physical exercise. Next time will go in front of her with more confidence after doing some sets of pushups.

8. Some people can enjoy repetitive orgasm – Orgasm is more than enough in its natural condition, but some people enjoy orgasm again and again in the same intercourse, with the help of workouts. You also can enjoy your repetitive orgasm using this fact. Do you want to check this one?

9. Name of States, searching for sexual material more than others – Here we are giving you name of some states, from where most searches come about sexual data and activities on the internet. Wyoming, Alaska, Vermont, West Virginia and Oregon.

10. Nearly 31 percent male has faked orgasm – About 31 percent man are going with fake orgasm even after getting a fully satisfactory orgasm, this fact is given according to a survey from Time Out New York.

You Have To Know About These Sex Facts to use in your Life

“No one is perfect, practice can make man perfect”, here we are adding something different in this line, “A wrong practice can make you imperfect.” Trying to explain, you just need to know a right way to do any particular activity, otherwise it may be dangerous for you.  Everybody including you, think he is a master in sex but after reading this post you will find what were you doing till right now? Here you find several Sex Facts which you have to know necessarily.

Stress is reduced by Sex – Some time people avoiding sex because of tension and mental stress. You should know if you will take an intercourse, when you are in stress, your stress and tension will run away from your mind. So next time go to your spouse and ask for the sex, after getting a rap on the knuckles from your boss.

During your sickness, Sex works as a medicine – Sex is so helpful to make your immune system stronger, as studies show. Next time if you feel unhealthy then take a tight sleep after a light and orthodox sex.

Lubricant is helpful in a perfect Orgasm – Without a satisfactory orgasm, an intercourse activity is a waste of time. For getting a pure breath taking perfect Orgasm, one should use lubricant during the sex. About 50% people accept that lubricants make their Orgasm, perfect, according to a study of  Indiana University’s Centre for Sexual Health Promotion.

Coconut oil is the best lubricant – There are plenty of lubricants in the market and lots of advertisements are shown about the sex lubricants. But you surprised to know that coconut oil is most effective and natural lubricant during the intercourse. Everyone should try it once.

Cheating With the Partner Can Save Your Relationship –

“Humans are not made for the only one partner”, some people say this line as a reason of cheating. Western societies are still searching the treatment of cheating in relationships. But instead of taking this thing wrongly, most of the sex consultants say that actually cheating can save your relationship. It doesn’t meant that every person who is in relationship, searching for a new match, taking a packet of condoms in his hand. Couples, facing this kind of situation, are suggested to talk each other and solve their problems.

“If my partner can cheat me then why cannot I”, this is the most common reason of cheating. Cheating is never planned by anybody. Generally situation occurs and cheating happens, assuming the thing that my partner never will know about this one night stand and that particular person lives in the guilt in his whole life. So now the question is what is the benefit of these kinds of one night stands?

Here we are giving some amazing benefits of these one night stands. Person, who has gone through this situation, feels incredible enhancement in his ego. Now he is enjoying the feeling, to know that person who is completely stranger for him, some time before. This feeling make him more energetic, more productive, more confident and more sexually attractive. Now he has became a more caring and affectionate partner.

Now in conclusion, we want to say just one thing if your relationship is passing through a bad phase then it is better to cheat her, instead of breaking your relationship. Because bad phase can be go away after some time and both of you can start your normal life again but after breaking your relation it seems impossible to carry on with the same relation again.

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Sex Drive Stealer: Anger

Sex Drive Stealer: Anger

If a messy bedroom is not the cause of your low Female libido, then you need to check whether your emotions are interfering with your sex drive. If you are always upset about a particular situation or thing, then you have to deal with your repressed anger before it ruins your sex life completely. According to psychologists and relationship experts, repressed anger remains one of the main reasons why many couples don’t have sex any longer, not only because it decreases libido, but it forces couples to create space between each other.
Women tend to get upset easily with certain things. Anger will always quash any positive desire, including sex, and women who have repressed anger toward their partner tend to lose interest towards their “supposed enemies”. There are so many things that can get a woman angry and suppress the Female libido, as a matter of fact a male partner does not have to offend a woman before she gets angry and lose interest in sex, other issues such as a bad day at work, financial issues, dirty partner, or a fight with a friend can frustrate a woman’s desire for sex.
How to deal with anger and increase sex drive
Dealing with the source of one’s anger is the primary solution to handling the problem and increasing Female libido. You need to track down the particular thing that causes your anger and frustration most times and deal with it immediately before it ruins your sex drive completely. Whether the anger is caused by the low level of empathy from your partner, or your nagging boss at work, or that friend that is always irritating you, you need to deal with anger before it becomes toxic to your healthy relationship.
Practicing certain forms of relaxation techniques can also help in restoring Female libido. Relaxation techniques such as Yoga have been found to be helpful, in relaxing the muscles of the body, hence you can return to the positive mental state where your sex life can be restored. Aside relaxation techniques like Yoga, spending some time in a warm or cold bath after a hectic day at work can also help restore your body to an active healthy state. Sometimes all a woman needs is to have an open talk with whoever is responsible for her anger, be it a friend, boss or partner. Negotiating with whoever is responsible with your anger will help you free your mind from captivity and get back to a normal, healthy lifestyle.
According to some relationship expert, sometimes, all a woman needs is to forgive and move on from whatever that is holding her back from enjoying a healthy sexual relationship and forgive those who have wronged her. Continuous anger makes sex becomes an obligation rather than a pleasurable hobby, hence it may destroy Female libido if handled late. If your anger is caused by certain medical conditions, then you need to speak with your physicians to recommend the most appropriate medications that can help you deal with it.