Wanachi Maxi Massager Vibrator Pink is a unique vibrator, can be used as massager also. There is no any wire or cord to disturb your pleasure; this is a chord less, wireless vibrator. It will give you extreme satisfaction and pleasure, with its high power vibrations. It can be operated in any body position because of  its wireless feature. Design and structure of Wanachi Maxi Massager Vibrator Pink are user friendly and very comfortable in use. It has very smooth surface, you feel a sleek, silky touch when you will make contact with your private parts.

Shape, Size, Features and Functionality:

If you are a beginner, Wanachi Maxi Massager Vibrator Pink is the best choice because of its extraordinary design and comfortable wireless handling. It is made by Silicon and Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR). This plastic body makes it waterproof and you can use this as your water sex toy. There is no any trouble during its use in water. It has very sexy color, pink, which gives a thrust to your emotions to play with it. Wanachi Maxi Massager Vibrator Pink works on two C sized batteries.

Wanachi Maxi Massager Vibrator Pink can be used also in couple play. Female can ask for the artificial pleasure through this vibrator. Male can enjoy the feeling of joy during the facilitation of the message. It can make more vigor to your female partner when you use this vibrator before the copulation. She will come in flaming heat when she get treatment of this gadget. Now what you have to do for making a relation which will be full of sensation and energy of sex, just add this item to the cart and get delivery as soon as possible. Wanachi Maxi Massager Vibrator Pink will turn your female partner in a lady who is dying to have a intercourse with you.


Do you want to double your sensations; you should switch to Mahana Duo Vibe Vibrator Black. Its specialty is its two arms. Both arms are made to give you double sexual pleasure. During the use of this vibrator its one arm stays in your vagina and other on the clitoris. Inner arm gives stimulation in for the inner parts and upper arm massages your clitoris, in that time sky is the limit of your pleasure. Shape, Size, Features and Functionality: As mentioned, Mahana Duo Vibe Vibrator Black has a different shape from any other vibrator. It has two arms, both produce vibrations. So size is not big so it can be carried easily.

It comes with a powerful motor, which generates vibrations in both arms. If you are thinking this motor generates a huge noise then you are definitely wrong, you can use this in your bed also, when your husband is snoring in the midnight. Its noise will be hidden in your husband’s snore. Its vibrations can be enjoyed at the different speed of the motor. Mahana Duo Vibe Vibrator Black is made of safe silicone, which is 100% body safe. It is odorless so it will never give you any irritation. This duo vibrator uses batteries as its power source. It works on 2 x AAA batteries.

It can be used by a lady in loneliness and during the intercourse by a couple as well. Its one more feature is its hands free operation. You can sit on your relaxing chair, just put one arm in your vagina and enjoy the erotic pleasure. It will keep vibrating your inner side of the vagina and keep stimulating your clitoris. So just listen yourself and order this Mahana Duo Vibe Vibrator Black from our online store, we bet you will not forget its services during your entire life.


Do you want to enjoy breathtaking vibrations; you just need to use this Wanachi Mini Muti 9 Vibrator. This vibrator uses a Japanese motor, as the credibility of Japanese product, this motor is also very good in quality. Wanachi Mini Muti 9 Vibrator is so useful to give some relaxation from fatigue. It generates very keen stimulation and gives relaxation to your tired muscles. It is one touch push-button vibrator. Powerful pulsations are generated by this vibrator which gives a peace of mind and body pleasure. You can enjoy wireless vibrations by using this Wanachi Mini Muti 9 Vibrator.

Shape, Size, Features and Functionality:

Wanachi Mini Muti 9 Vibrator is a mid size vibrator, comfortable in use. The length of this vibrator is 216mm, girth is 96mm and diameter is 30mm, so we can say its dimensions are 216 x 96 x 30. It is so light weight, just having 137gm. Now what are the benefits of these features? The main thing is, it is so handy you can carry easily during your visits due its small size and light weight.

You don’t have to bother about the effect of Wanachi Mini Muti 9 Vibrator on your skin, because it is made from safe Silicone and Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR). These materials are skin friendly and they cause no any adverse effect on your body, skin or your private organs. You will surprise after knowing it’s one more feature, it is 100% waterproof. You can use this vibrator during your water play. So into the summer season, it is the best gift for your spouse. Believe us, your wife will prefer this vibrator instead of a diamond ring in the busy life of present time. Wanachi Mini Muti 9 Vibrator uses two AA batteries as its power source, which makes it wireless and more comfortable.


Do you want a unique vibrator which can fit in your purse or in a handy bag?   For this kind of vibrator you should choose this Flora India Vibrator Red. It is so good looking and seems like a yummy lollipop. Its color is so glittering, which will be always inducing to take it in your vagina. A lady will make the most of its pleasure. She feels free from every one of her issues and strains amid the utilization of this vibrator. Its covetous stroke will make you crazy. Ensuing to using this vibrator you will a significant, certified feeling of serenity and your wishes will get satisfied. It can be used as a piece of foreplay to strengthen the sentiments of your female partner. So if you need to purchase a thing which is pinch differing then you are in the perfect spot. Here you can find anything to fulfil your sexual longing.

Size, Dimensions, Features and Functionality:

As we motioned it comes in the very vigorous color. Its shape will give you a real feel of a giant penis. In Flora India Vibrator Red You will find a quick switch off with a fun button. There is key lock also which will give you secure carrying of this vibrator. It is rechargeable also, it will recharge with, Click and Charge system. Flora India Vibrator Red is made with silicone material which is graded by the medical system, 100% skin friendly and not harmful for your body. Its dimensions are16. 7 cm x3. 3 cm. This size makes it so comfortable during your visits. You can carry it in your purse as well, whenever you go for a meeting in the other city and release your tesinons and strain of that meeting in the hotel room. Flora India Vibrator Red is completely waterproof also.

You want to know these facts about Dildos:

Every lady needs something to play in her loneliness. Dildo can be the best friend ever in her quite moments. They come in every shape and size, you can choose according to your need. Here we are giving some interesting facts about Dildo.

Texas not allowed, owning more than five Dildos – in the law of Texas, keeping 6 or more than 6 Dildos is illegal. If anyone tries to break this rule, will be treated as a criminal, according to Texas government.

Some females like Dragons – Most of the females like a high voltage intercourse, and dragon is full of energy so some manufacturers make Dildo in the Dragon shape. These kinds of Dragons take these women in their fantasy world.

Dildo came in the existence before thirty thousand years – Ancient people also used Dildo for Orgasm. In that time female took a stone and used that to rub the clitoris and take little bit in her vagina. In the ice age to get some heat females used this thing.

Ancient People of Greece produce Dildos – 

Greeks were very intelligent and curious about everything from the beginning. Some people among these were thinkers, some philosophers, some democratic etc. But some are little bit more sharp minds who invented and produced Dildo.

Dildos are completely banned in India and Alabama – In these two nations, use of dildos is an offense, In India even every item related to the adult toys or used in the artificial sex is banned and against the judiciary law as well as against the religious law.

Steely Dan used the word Dildo – In the world there are very less number of inventions which changed the culture and flow of the society, Dildo is one of them. Strap-on-dildo was the name of a musical band whose name was given, after the name Dildo.

Basics of BDSM for New Dominants

Basics of BDSM for New Dominants

If you have stepped out of your vanilla relationship and are trying to add spice to your life, then BDSM will definitely be a cool option. When you are trying a BDSM relationship, you know that you will either be a dominant or a submissive. Although it seems that if you are a submissive, then your work is harder, yet it is not so; when you are a dominant, you have an additional responsibility of caring for your partner’s needs before your own needs.

So, if you are new to BDSM and need some help, here are some tips for you to follow.


One of the most common elements of any BDSM relationship is spanking. However, what you need to understand is spanking can be erotic or non – erotic in nature. When you are punishing your submissive, spanking will be non – erotic in nature. Additionally, do remember to never vent out your anger on your submissive. He/she is your submissive, not a punching bag. Hence, it is better that you step away from a scene when you are angry.

The Desire

The BDSM relationship is made out of desire and trust. The trust factor ensures that you don’t misuse your power as a dominant/submissive. The desire factor ensures that you always take care of your partner’s needs along with your own needs. A relationship can thrive between two people only if there is desire and trust, and the same applies for BDSM relationships also. So, if you are stepping in from a vanilla relationship to a BDSM one, you need to remember that in order to have a successful relationship.

Thus, knowing about BDSM and trying is not a crime, and neither is it being pervert. It’s just an alternate lifestyle which few people know about. You can definitely try it to have peace of mind if you want.

Loving your submissive in the correct way

Loving your submissive in the correct way

Have you ever had a submissive? Well, leave that, first of all, do you know about BDSM? If you do, and practice that lifestyle, then you are either a dominant or a submissive. Well, folks, this is for the dominant males and females out there. How do you behave with your submissive in a scene? Do you know how to cater to his/her needs? If you do, then you are the best dominant in the world, however, it doesn’t hurt to check out a few ideas, does?

Talk While In a Scene

When you are in a scene and you are punishing or pleasuring your slave for some misdemeanor or as a reward, speak to him/her. As with any relationship, communication is the key in BDSM, and hence you need to be careful about the communication while in a scene.

Give Gifts

Gifting your man or woman is good, even without any occasion. However, when we are speaking about gifts and BDSM, there needs to be certain kinkiness about it, isn’t it? Well, if you have a submissive as a woman, you can gift her anklet and say that she is supposed to wear it every day for a week. So, think about something interesting and kinky and work it out with your partner. As collars are a special symbol in BDSM, you can definitely give your submissive a collar as a gift.


This is one more aspect of BDSM, which brings in the thrill of relationships. So, what you can do is convince your submissive woman to flash herself in public place. However, make sure that no curious person is in that location. If you want, you can also make her kneel by your side, but do that only when no one is watching.

Thus, knowing these exciting ides, you can try them out on your submissive, and enjoy the thrill it brings!

Kinky ideas to spice up your sex life

Kinky Ideas To Spice Up your Life

Admit it, occasionally, we all love the aggressive male of the house. The one who goes all caveman on us with their basic male instinct and makes us feel like we are really in heaven. So, if you seriously want to bring out your man, and try something fun and kinky, here are some ideas for you. However, while you are at it, do remember to speak with your partner first and decide if he/she is ok with it moving forward.

Nipple Clamps

Nipple clamps can be painful or pleasurable depending on the way you use it. Seriously, if you pull off the nipple clamp when your girl is in the middle of the orgasm, you can be sure that she won’t notice it even, and thank you later for the bliss that you offered her with.


As with nipple clamps, bare bottom spanking can be very pleasurable for both the dominant and the submissive. Depending on the intensity of the relation and the pain tolerance, you can definitely bring in paddle, crops, or even whips. However, do keep in mind that your primary focus in this case is to ensure pleasure and not inflict pain on your partner.


Dildos are a great way to bring in the ultimate pleasure! Admit it or not, but you love to see your girl masturbating and orgasming in front of you. So, why not add some kink to that, and make your girl use the super think dildo in that little snatch of hers while you sit and watch her in the throes of passion? Yes! That would be awesome, isn’t it? So, order a dildo for your girl today!

Thus, knowing these above ideas, you can freely try them in your relationship, even if you are planning to try out something new in bed without being extreme.

BDSM Myths Busted

BDSM Myths Busted

While we all have been thinking of a way to spice up our sex life, we might have thought of BDSM once in a while! Additionally, with the release of more and more erotic novella in the unchartered territory, you might have become curious about BDSM and the lifestyle. Thus, myths have also erupted amidst that. So, here are some myths associated with BDSM for you to have a look at


Well, for most people, BDSM is a fetish, an idea which is to be only tried out in bed. Sadly folks, that is not true! BDSM is a lifestyle which you choose to practice and follow day in and day out. Depending on your trust level and relation strength, you can also try it outside the bedroom.

Men are Dominant By Nature

One more most common misconception about BDSM is that in a BDSM relationship, a man is always dominant, and a woman is always submissive. This is absolutely baseless, and can be perceived as a myth. In BDSM relationship, just like any other relationship, you can choose who has the say in the relationship. You can always have a mistress (female dominant) instead of a master (male dominant) in BDSM.

BDSM Means No Cuddling

Well, for once, you can think of BDSM as a lifestyle, rather than an option of having sex in your partner. If you are a dominant, in a BDSM relationship, you need to take absolute care of your submissive, and that may include cuddling, caressing, and even caring for your partner emotionally.

Trust me, BDSM does not always mean chains, whips, and hot wax torture. Sometimes it means love, passion like fire and ice, cuddling, and even your own plain non – kinky sex. After all, it’s your relationship, and you can very easily use variations in it.

A guide to having Fantastic Orgasms!

Yes, all of us love to play with ourselves, especially when the man of the house is away from us. However, have you thought about using toys to heighten your pleasures? Well, you do have the glass dildos now, to take care of that itch, and also make sure that you receive mind-blowing pleasure in the process. So, if you are still uncertain about trying out a dildo, here’s some ways to help you use that little toy for the perfect pleasure!

Use lubricants

While you are planning to use massive dildos to pleasure yourself, you need to first prepare yourself. Well, since you don’t have precum to help you in this matter, you can definitely use a lubricant! Remember that baby oil in your house? Yes, that works as a natural lubricant also. Otherwise, don’t worry, your fingers will really feel good in that little snatch of yours. Play with yourself, and don’t stop until you see the stars, and then, when you want that sweet ride to the heaven, you can very easily use the glass dildo to help you.

Start Slow

Of course when you are using the glass dildo don’t get too high and try inserting it too fast! You sure don’t want to tear yourself apart, and soon you will find yourself in pain rather than in the realms of pleasure.

Add stimulation

Generally you may come from clitoral stimulation alone, however, sometimes, you do need something to fill your little snatch up, and that is why the glass dildos will be a perfect choice. However, do remember to add something good to it. For example, you can play with your nipples, and your clit alternatively, (because you will need your hand also for the glass dildo).

Thus, knowing the benefits of a glass dildo, you can sure allow your man to go on long tours and enjoy yourself. ☺

Sex what can be better and more interesting?

16. Use of the vibrator, make a woman more sexual functional than others who are not using this instrument.

17. Furthermore, studies say, females who use adult toys, are more conscious about their genital health.

18. In the Live Science study, which was conducted in 2011, 90% people give positive feedback for the sex toys and adult toys, whereas only 10% gave their negative response.

19. As per that same study, 37% of ladies accepted men felt threatened by the ladies’ vibrator use, however 70% of men really were thoroughly fun with sex toys.

20. Most of the sex toy purchaser uses these for the orgasm of the clitoris.

21 Sale of the sex toys increase around the Valentine’s Day, in the February.

22. During the recent recession, the sex toy market was on the boom, reason behind this may be that sex decreases the tension and stress.

23. West Virginia, Idaho, Dakota are top three sex toy purchaser nation.

24. Vibrators, dildos and lube are the most common purchased thing at the shop of sex toy, their percentage is 19.2%, 16% and 14% respectively.

25. Copies of  famous blue filmstars like Ron Jeremy and James Deen, in the form of dildos, are available in the sex toys shop.

26. A famous company named Bad Dragon, produces dragon liked dildos, fleshlights and many more toys.

27 A platinum vibrator embedded with 117 real diamonds, is the most expensive vibrator in the word, its price is $55,000

28. After the popularity of 50 Shades of Grey, sales of sex toys allegedly expanded by 50%.

29. In Japan vibrators were banned, that is why manufacturers of japan took another root and made a Rabbit Vibrator, which looked like a rabbit.

30.In O, The Oprah Magazine ,Oprah dubbed the Rabbit Habit as the  “Rolls Royce of sex toys”

Some Facts, you should know about the Sex Toys:

1. The most ancient reported dildo is 30,000 years of age and was uncovered in a cave of German.

2. Furthermore, in the past since 400 B.C  there was an instrument in Greek community olisbokollikes (“dildo breadsticks”).

3. France is the country which invented the first ever vibrator, the Tremoussoir, in 1734.

4. Furthermore, Dr. Joseph Mortimer Granville, invented the first electric vibrator to give some relax from muscle fatigue.

5. That electric vibrator had forty pounds weight and there were 2 people required to operate except the person who was getting a massage.

6. In the beginning vibrators were used by doctors and medical people, in the treatment of Hysteria in females. 

7. When vibrators were not invented, doctors used another technique in treatment of Hysteria, they used vegetable oil and gave massages by their hand until climax.

8. In 1902 Hamilton Beach, patented the first electric vibrator. After tea kettle, toaster, fan and sewing machine, that was the first instrument which was electrified.

9. In the advertisements vibrators are shown as the personal massager.

10. In 1920s vibrators had come in porn movies, due to this reason their advertisements had been banned.

11. In 1999, sex toys were banned in shops and markets, because in the view of Assistant Attorney General, “Human has no any basic right to purchase an instrument to generate orgasm.”

12. In India sex toys are banned. Because in Indian culture, sex is not for the pleasure, it is for the reproduction and here artificial sex is an offense according to the ancient ethics.

13. According to Texas law, it is an offense to keep more than 6 Dildos.

14. According to a survey, 52.5% women have used a vibrator once in their life.

15. Furthermore, there is one US woman in three, used a vibrator


Most Amazing Facts about Vibrators and their Users:

Most Amazing Facts about Vibrators and their Users:

Some studies show, vibrators are so helpful to make better and healthy physical relationship. According to a survey, fifty percent adult generation in U.S. uses vibrators. By using these vibrators user can enhance her sexual pleasure and feel stronger orgasm. Vibrators are useful some shy couples to improve their sexual health and sexual relations.

Vibrators give a boost to one’s sexual and physical relation-

Generally survey shows, more than fifty percent women use vibrators in their life and almost twenty five percent used in the last month. In these types of surveys, women’s responses are very interesting about this sex toy-

Instead of those who never used vibrators, users opinion is, vibrators make their intercourse better and help in the secretion of natural lubrication. In the end they finish with an unforgettable experience.

According to those, their partners feel more pleasure after using vibrators in the foreplay.

Vibrators make people open minded during their physical relation and foreplay, effect is they feel closer to each other and enjoy their moments with more interest.

Some useful points for the beginners-

First question for the beginners is how to purchase a vibrator. It is as simple as to purchase a medicine from a medical store or shopping online. You can find different types of vibrators, some as follows –

Body Massagers – These devices are generally sold as a tension releaser and pain absorber. These are also useful to message near your genital region also.

Basic Vibrator – You can purchase this vibrator from different online sex toy shops. These are pocket sized vibrator which are useful during your travelling.

Deluxe Models – Do you want to feel monstrous sensation then thee vibrators are made for you. They can be inserted in the vagina and can stimulate more than one area in one time.

All you need to know about condoms.

Some Amazing Facts about Condoms:

In the whole world, only five percent gents wear condoms – The number of people who don’t use condoms can vary for the different countries but in average approximate 5 % men wear condom across the world.

Condoms come in different verities – Generally condoms are made of the latex. Some are made by polyurethane. Some people have allergy with these materials that is why they can made by using lambskin also, actually which are made by the intestine of the lamb.

Still there is no any modification in the condoms from their starting design – First latex condom was made in 1920, since then the shape and design of the condom is unchanged.

There is no any effect in the sex quality due to the condom – According to some surveys, most of the couples say that they don’t feel any degradation in their sex pleasure due to the use of condom. Condoms make sex safer and avoid unwanted pregnancies.

Aged people use condom lesser than the young ones – Here we are giving some percentage uses data about condoms – percentage of couples who use condoms is 25%, – percentage of singles who use condoms is 33% and percentage of people over 40 who uses condoms are 40%.

40 percent condoms are purchased by women – Although condoms are used by penises, women purchase 40 % condoms of the total sale.

Part of high school students who is taught about the use of condoms, is only one third – This is so unfortunate that due to just an awkward feelin, most of the teens are not taught about proper use of condom.

Founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, wants to make a high quality condom – $100,000 grants have been given by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, to make a better quality condom.